Welcome to LIV•FITbehappy.com a place to learn, express, and share. I hope that when you visit, you find at least one thing that brings you a little closer to LIVING•FIT and being happy doing it. 



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Whats on the plate

First Cut Ground Top Sirloin Burger with home made baked French Fries. 

Macro: 553 cals • 66C • 6F • 41P

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Special Thanks:

John and Dinah Holman for adopting me, showing me the wonders of the world, being the wind beneath my wings and showing me the true meaning of unconditional love.

John Mariano and Rhonda Raffi for giving me the gift of life, my birth.  We are so Blessed to reunite and be together again. 

My bother Charlie Holman for always having my back growing up. 

My relatives and families for cheering me on through the years.

My little brother Berj Balyozian and little sister Marissa Mariano for showing me your beautiful you everyday even when you think I'm not looking. You both inspire me with younger eyes.

Dr John Hall, MD of Boston Children's Hospital for giving me the gift of mobility freedom and orthopedic-ally fixing me.

Friends, mentors and fellow athletes for your support, encouragement and friendships. Thank you for always inspiring me with your talents, passions, wisdom and experiences. 

S.S. for telling me that I could. 

" Keep LIVIN•FIT BE HAPPY doing it "
-by Laurie Holman, CEO LIVFITbehappy LLC 2017